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New Site Added: Welcome Old Flame Mending

643 California Ave., Bellevue, PA







New Site Added: Welcome Emerald City Co-Working Space

213 Smithfield Street, Downtown Pittsburgh

Below are the basic instructions:

#1 Bring your clothes in a sealed/closed bag with your name & phone number attached, to the drop site.


#2 Drop off the bag in the collection bin.


#3 Come pick up your clean order on the next ready date

All orders will be checked in and processed at Strong II Dry Cleaners. Payments will be collected prior to shipping back to the Drop Site

An account must be created on the Strong II Dry Cleaners’ Valet App powered by Clean Cloud*, or on this site. Request Service, Make Payment, and Track Your Orders via the App.

-----> Clean Cloud App on Google Play  or Apple Store


*Once the Clean Cloud app is downloaded. Search for the Strong II Dry Cleaners located on Frankstown Ave. Create your account under that location. You can confirm your order drop off, make the payment, and get notified when the order is ready for pick up. When entering your order into the app, choose the requested pick-up date for the day you dropped off your item. For the pick up / delivery address, please use the Drop Site's address.

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